Your Culture

Empower students to be successful
rather than just manage behavior.

Influence a Generation

The solution to preventing bullying and suicide
is to build up young people
and show them the value of character.

Join the Movement

Join with the thousands committed to
Stand Up and Stand Out
against bullying and teen suicide.


Stand Up Stand Out

Our dynamic program for schools is a mix of high-energy music, comedy, animated storytelling and practical application appropriately presented for each grade level.

Way Beyond eXtreme

Way Beyond eXtreme is a community event that combines the energy of a rock concert with gripping drama and a life changing challenge.
We are here to EDUCATE this generation that character counts and character is cool. Our goal is to EMPOWER schools and communities to Stand Up Stand Out, by ENCOURAGING everyone to SUSO against bullying, teen suicide, and other issues faced daily.  Helping EQUIP this culture to make a change! Way Beyond Measure is more than an anti-bullying program, way more. It’s a movement to build up people; to help them see their true value in themselves and realize their potential. Together we will make a difference!

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